The mission

Rhinos are being driven to extinction in 10 years.

"Now Rhinos Speak" mission is to help conservationists by bringing technology into the wildlife. Sigfox Foundation have been collecting important data for almost a year thanks to low power GPS trackers. These trackers, installed directly into the rhino's horn, are able to give rhinos exact location few times a day and can last over a long period using Sigfox network. Beyond the challenge of protection, "Now Rhinos Speak" goal is also to get a better knowledge of the animal and leave a memory to the next generations. Supported by technological partners and conservation experts, we are all giving a new voice to endangered rhinos!

The tracker

The documentary film

Research data

The project

  • June 2016

    Beginning of the project

    First contact with rhinos conservationists.

  • July 2016

    First prototypes and first implants

    Sigfox engineers prototyped 7 GPS trackers sending 3 positions per day, installed by veterinaries directly in the horn.

  • November 2016

    Sigfoxers on the field

    5 people from Sigfox went to Africa to install 3 autonomous base stations working with solar energy and satellite connection. They also could participate to an implantation mission.

  • November 2016

    Application development

    A secure app have been developed to help the conservationists to see where the rhinos are, to manage the devices and to export the data to fit in their database.

  • February 2017


    An official partnership has been signed with both Save the Rhinos and International Rhino Foundation.

  • March-June 2017

    New devices

    A new partner, Xerius, is joining the project to co-develop the next version of the tracker.

The tracker

Combining Sigfox technology, GPS & accelerometer

Low power

With Sigfox technology, sending an information is very power efficient. The device can last over years without having to disturb the rhinos.

Locations & Alerts

The information provided helps the rangers to organise rhino surveillance knowing where they are. The device can send alerts if no movement has been detected for some time.

Long distance

With 3 base stations installed in the conservancy, we cover more than 3500km² where more than 300 rhinos live.

The documentary film


Our Amazing Ambassadors

They are passionate about the project, this is why we love them.

Laurent Baheux


Cyrielle Hariel

Green Journalist & Human Rights Activist

Frédéric Bardeau

Founder of Simplon.co

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